Introduction: VSCode Ghidra Plugin/Script Skeletons
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The following are pre setup directory structures to simplify working with Ghidra plugins and scripts in vscode.


  • Ghidra
  • Java 11
  • Gradle
  • VSCode
  • VSCode Java Extension Pack


  • Copy the skeleton directory of your choice to another destination.
  • Rename directory accordingly.
    • For Extensions/Plugins set the project name in .project and in .vscode/launch.json. If the names do not match the debugger will fail to launch.
    • For Scripts the ghidra_script directory must still be added via Ghidra's Script Manager.
  • Open your terminal in the project directory and execute gradle wrapper and then gradle eclipse.
  • Open VSCode in the project directory.
  • Let the Java Language Server finish initializing and get to work.


  • [x] Java Plugins/Extensions
  • [x] Java Ghidra Scripts
  • [ ] Python Ghidra Scripts
  • [ ] Ghidra Processor Projects
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